Nestro card

“Nestro Petrol” company card gives the user full control over fuel consumption on “Nestro Petrol” service stations in the course of exploitation of fleet vehicles.

Nestro Petrol card offers your business many advantages and benefits:

* The card is tailored to suit the needs of your business - you can choose a card made out to a specific vehicle, a card made out to an individual user or a common card - card made out to your company.

* “Nestro Petrol” card allows you to buy fuel at any service station within the retail network of “Nestro Petrol”, which is the largest network of service stations in BiH.

* Authorised manager within the company decides on the total monthly limit on the company account, as well as for each individual card, thereby enabling reliable and safe way of cost management.

* Customer service for “Nestro Petrol” cards is available 24/7. Information regarding fuel consumption is available at all times, as is the option to disable a card in case of loss or theft.

Check your consumption
Click HERE for an easy way to check your account.
You will need your user name and pass code.

Additional information
For more information about Nestro card please contact + 387 51 490 340

Reporting card loss or theft
In case of card loss or theft please report immediately on:
+ 387 51 490 340 (from 08 do16h) and + 387 51 213 407 (from 16 to 08h)

Customer Service
Freephone for all customers
0800 50 307