On "Nestro Petrol" fuel stations you can buy fuel, complete assortment of oils and lubricants, car cosmetics,
bottled gas as well as various consumer goods, such as:
- juices
- food
- tobacco
- as well as other products which may be useful on journey.

Oil derivatives

1. Motor fuels
Motor fuels are used as power-generating fuels in combustion engines.
The following motor fuels are produced in the Refinery:
• BMB-95 (unleaded motor fuel with octane value of 95)
• BMB-98 (unleaded motor fuel with octane value of 98)

2. Diesel fuel
• EURO-V (10ppm)
Quality is defined by EN 590 standard.
Stipulated diesel fuels produced in the Refinery meet European norms.

3. Heating oil
• Extra light heating oil
It is used as an energy material in households and industry (heating boiler plants).
This product is defined by Bosnian standard BAS 1002.

4. Bottled gas

Oils and lubricants

1. Motor oils
• Oils and liquids for motors and motor cars.

2. Industrial oils
• Lubricants and similar products for industry
• Liquids and metal processing means
• Temporary corrosion protection
• Lubricated oils for industry and cars

3. Liquids for cooling systems

Ways of payment: cash, advance payment, credit card payment.