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Past and future

On April 6th, 1945 company „Energopetrol“ was established by company „Jugopetrol“ Belgrade, namely by its branch office in Sarajevo, and operated until 11/04/1947.

On 12/04/1947 „Jugopetrol“ became „Bosnapetrol“ Sarajevo and operated until 27/05/1952.

Company „Jugopetrol“ Sarajevo was registered on 28/05/1952 for business activities of trade and technical application of petroleum products. 13 years later, Jugopetrol expands its business by opening storage and processing facilities, petrol stations, diesel fuel depots and fuel oil sale network in Bosnia-Herzegovina, while as of 31/12/1972 it also operates in Croatia (Branch office Zagreb). A branch office in Belgrade was also registered later on.

During its development, Energopetrol, then-Jugopetrol, in order to enhance and consolidate business underwent two mergers and physical merge of the companies. The first was merge of the employees of "Jugopetrol" Sarajevo is the association of the Hena industry (HEMIJA-NAFTA) Sarajevo on 01/01/1973. The second integration is association on the principle of self-management agreements of employees merging into working organization "Energoinvest" Sarajevo, on March 9, 1973.

On 19/10/1992 Government of the Republic of Srpska organized special-interest enterprise with head office in Sarajevo operating under company "Energoinvest - Holding, Energopetrol JSC Sarajevo".

This reorganized company operated until the Government of the Republic of Srpska decided to separate Dependent state enterprise from Energoinvest MDP Srpsko Sarajevo as of March 13, 1998 by which Energopetrol Srpsko Sarajevo was separated from Energoinvest and merged with Oil industry of the Republic of Srpska.

On October 18, 2000 it changed its name from Energopetrol into Petrol Banja Luka.

On January 24, 2003 the Founding Assembly was held on which the title and the status were changed and it business was transformed into a joint-stock company. As a share company for trading of oil, petroleum products and natural gas under name „Petrol“ Banja Luka it is operational since March 19, 2003.

On October 3, 2007 the remaining state-owned capital was sold to OAO NeftagazInKor Moscow in the total value of 80.000031%. At that moment, retail network included 79 petrol stations with up to 95% equipment wear.

On September 21, 2010, the Company name was changed from "Petrol" JSC Banja Luka to "Nestro Petrol" JSC Banja Luka.

Between 2008 and end of 2011 retail network of petrol stations underwent reconstruction and modernization in order to provide compliance with latest technological standards and it became known for its specific visual identity and slogan „Responsible toward nature“, which confirms Nestro Group’s commitment to environment protection. Total investments amount to over 19 million €.

In order to keep up with market development and buyer demand, the first fully automatized petrol station in Bosnia-Herzegovina was constructed and put into operation in Bijeljina in 2015. In accordance with management decision on new corporate visual identity, this station was among first to be presented in new orange corporate colours.


NESTRO PETROL continues to implement new visual identity to existing stations, to expand and develop its retail network and remains committed to:

  • Enhancing quality of services;  
  • Professional ethics;  
  • Care for employees;  
  • Responsibility towards community!